International Water Summit Conference

Promoting Water Sustainability in Arid Regions

The International Water Summit is a platform for dicussing ideas and innovation on the future of water. The summit engages private and public sectors in three days of networking, dialogue and knowledge exchange to overcome the challenge of water scarcity in arid regions.

Industry leaders from around the world share their thinking and insights in the water industry. This takes place through a combination of in-depth breakfast briefings, panel discussions and expert talks, with senior-level members of governments and key business leaders at the heart of all interaction.


The International Water Summit happens at the Dialogue Hall, a modern space designed to maximize interaction and networking for delegates, speakers and media.

Features include:

  • A semi-circular conference hall
  • Meeting rooms and networking areas
  • Open spaces for workshops and impromptus round tables

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Key Sectors

  • WFES Energy
  • WFES Water
  • WFES Solar
  • WFES Green Buildings
  • WFES Mobility