Energy Efficient Desalination Report

Water desalination in the Middle East has been largely based on energy-intensive thermal processes. With water needs increasing and utilities trying to reduce energy requirements for desalination, governments need to develop more sustainable approaches and solutions.

A range of approaches are being investigated, from the use of beach wells for pre-treatment to using renewables to supply the energy for desalination processes. Around the Gulf, countries are increasingly planning more energy-efficiency water facilities based on reverse osmosis membrane technology to desalinate seawater whilst reducing their energy needs.

Download our exclusive report which examines the opportunities and challenges in the GCC market and discusses some key topics around this subject including:

  • Energy-Efficient Desalination: latest research and development
  • Status of desalination pilot projects and technological approach
  • Analysis: Energy requirement for desalination, by technology
  • GCC government targets and plans
  • Planned desalination plants, by country

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