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Emirates Future Foods

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United Arab Emirates
Website http://www.adh.ae

Drinkable Air, Inc. manufactures and distributes atmospheric water generators (“AWGs”) which generate pure drinking water from atmospheric humidity. Water is condensed from the atmospheric humidity through temperature change on the evaporator coils which then is collected and purified through a patented process. This technology utilizes the natural condensation “vapor cycle” to create the water. The physical change of water as a gas in the air to a liquid from the temperature difference (dew point) is defined as the natural process of condensation. This product “creates water where there is no water”.

Made in the USA, we are commercially producing machines that create water in a range of 40-15,000 litres per day in over 35 countries. Drinkable Air products are exclusively distributed in the UAE by Emirates Future Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Holding. Emirates Future Foods is an FMCG company with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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