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Claud Conzelmann

Claud Conzelmann

Technical Director, Nestle Waters Asia Middle East Africa

Claus Conzelmann is Vice President of Nestlé Waters’ regional operations in Asia, Middle East and Africa responsible for Manufacturing, Water Resources & Environment, based in Dubai. Previously he has been driving the Nestlé Group’s performance in environmental sustainability and workplace health & safety for more than a decade, and held various strategic and operational positions in Switzerland, Germany and Australia, incl. regulatory affairs, biotechnology, factory management, and operations improvement. Prior to joining Nestlé in 1991 he was Business Development Manager at Ciba-Geigy Agro (now  Syngenta) and has worked  for several years as science journalist in Germany and the UK. Claus holds a Ph.D in molecular biology from Manchester University.

Nestlé Waters is the number one bottled water company worldwide. With around one hundred production sites in 33 countries, Nestlé Waters has 31,740 employees and a portfolio of 51 unique brands, including Nestlé PURE LIFE,  the world’s largest bottled water brand. Nestlé Waters has made of sustainable water use a top priority.





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